Art for private homes

The interest in art is there but often is not time to get going in galleries and update on what's happening in the art world there.

We at Konstgruppen has many years of experience helping individuals find the right art for their homes - either with art throughout the home or finding the perfect painting to the living room, art to the summer house or a sculpture to the garden or to start building a contemporary art collection to you or the children.

Do you have art that you are tired of, we happily assist you with the valuation and sale of it.

We have all sorts of art and help you with individual works of art as well as larger assignments.

Are you looking for something specific, we help you to find it or we will be happy with suggestions and advice. Our ambition is that you always have to buy art at the right prices with us. Do you want to buy now and pay off for a long time we are able to provide you these solutions. We also help to find the perfect artpiece for birthday, wedding or baptism.


Please contact us to learn more!

Gabriella Klingspor
art for art associations, companies and private homes

08-262652 / 0736-841414

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