Art for art associations

Konstgruppen has since 2000 assisted art associations across the country.
We offer a wide range of graphics, painting and crafts. Our ambition is to be able to present you as a unique choice as possible at the best prices.

We also provide årsblad, anniversary gifts, and the development of your own unique editions as art association with an artist.

To constantly have new, good, exciting art to show you, we put a lot of our time out in artist studios around the country. We have a large selection of original, sculptures and graphics. We have a close cooperation with a large number of artists and show only serious artists who cherish their expression.

After many years of experience working with art associations, we know the importance of always having the right art at the right prices, and flexible payment solutions for you to get the most out of your business.

We also provide framing of the highest quality and at very good prices.


Please contact us to learn more!

Gabriella Klingspor
art for art associations, companies and private homes

08-262652 / 0736-841414

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