About Konstgruppen

Welcome to Konstgruppen, a full-service art company

We at the Konstgruppen have 20 years of experience in helping companies, individuals and art associations with a wide selection of art. We are a total supplier of graphic arts, paintings, sculptures, installations and framing, advice and authorized valuation of art. We work with both larger and smaller projects.

In today's fast world, we have noticed that our customers often want the convenience of working with a single source for all their art services. As art consultants for companies, healthcare institutions and other public and private sector organizations, we provide a comprehensive range of art services generated by a team of professional, competent employees. We help our customers design, implement and manage their company's art collections, install site-specific artworks in their public spaces.

Each project is unique and we want to work close to our customer with short and long-term goals for art purchases. This allows us to design and implement a strategy for the art that is individual and cost effective.

If you want more information - please contact us for suggestions at 08-262652 or office@konstgruppen.se. Welcome!

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